Cheshire Stained Glass have made a brilliant job of our windows at Didsbury Baptist Church. Our century-old windows had taken a real battering over the years. Repairs had been patchy and an ugly mishmash of partly-broken, partly-repaired windows remained. The shape and size of the window expanses meant that nobody wanted to touch the job. Cheshire Stained Glass came in, expertly replaced all the windows and completely transformed the place. They delivered on everything they promised to do and were a joy to work with. I recommend them wholeheartedly. -- Robert Parkinson, Minister, Didsbury Baptist Church


Cheshire Stained Glass have carried out a variety of work on our Edwardian/later windows: a large hall window removed, refurbished then encapsulated (between two plain panes) which immediately reduced heat loss and is very sensitively done so as not to detract from the pane's appeal. We had a personalised design created for a new front door window pane which incorporated the existing design from the side panels (they were also refurbished). This is beautiful and I consider it to be as precious as a piece of original art. Four top panes from our living room bay window were all refurbished and refitted into new frames.

All the work has been of an incredibly high standard, we are thrilled with the quality of the work, the improvement to all the glass, the reduced heat loss (despite not all windows being encapsulated) and the fact that these beautiful windows are now preserved for hopefully another 100 years! -- Mrs Lorigan, Heaton Mersey


Cheshire Stained glass have crafted brilliant repairs to the panels in our west window using as much as possible of the original glass from the damaged window following vandalism. The repairs blend seamlessly with the original panels in the window. We were consulted throughout the repair process and we received an excellent installation of the window along with durable polycarbonate protection.-- Treasurer, St Mary’s Church, Halton, Runcorn


Tim and his team were good to work with.  The design of my window was agreed between their designer and myself and I had a good choice of glass to choose from.

I wanted to work within a strict budget and the window was made exactly to suit me and within the terms agreed. The job was done quickly and efficiently with the workers being polite and as quiet as possible! After the job was done they cleaned up very efficiently.

I would recommend Cheshire Stained Glass to anyone who wanted restoration to old windows or the creation of a new and wonderful window such as mine. -- Mrs Gilbart, Heaton Moor