Manchester Town Hall


The State Room windows had been in a poor state of repair for many years.  In 2011 a scheme was proposed that would deal with health and safety issues raised by their condition. 

We put together a proposal that would accommodate all the problems.  We would have to work on mobile elevated working platforms, from a public square, on a Grade l building whilst working around events in the state rooms themselves and on Albert Square.

The scheme focused on all defects below head height in the rooms, this fell into opening metal sash repairs and leaded light repairs.

The metal sashes had decayed and ceased to function, most of their furniture was missing and once open, their fully open position contravened regulations for opening windows.  There were also many previous poor replacement sashes, not suited to the building.

Once we began to remove the sashes from the metal frames, we soon realised that we would face further difficulties.  Each face of iron was not welded nor forged to the next, as would be expected, but soldered.